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If you made it to this page, you most likely clicked on my name in the Webs Open Forum.  Please help me keep the forum as accurate and positive as possible.  We at Webs are working with a new focus on keeping them up to date.  For a while, you may still see people angry and frustrated because of the older forums.  Either the weren't happy about a lack of attention on our part, or some information was lost.  The old forums were extremely outdated.  Many things had changed within Webs in the past year or so.  A name change, new apps, new platform.  A lot.  The changes coupled with a lack of attention meant it was hard to find answers.  This is why everything was cleared.  The Open Forum is anew. 

I plan to post current issues I'm seeing, and simple how to's, but this site is by no means a replacement for the support section.  The Knowledge Base has most answers.  Next, check the forums, then submit a Support Ticket.

Thanks for visiting.  Choose to have a wonderful day.


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